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Quickly deploy Windows 8.1 Enterprise on multiple computers at no cost

This guide will show you how to deploy Windows 8.1 on multiple computes at no cost by using only free tools and some common sense. The case: you just received 10 computer desktops to prepare for a client, and the

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WinRt WebView control usage for local image, uri or javascript example.

You can do some nice things with the WebView control, like loading an source from a local image, an given uri (can be a real website, why not this one) or even running a javascript. Xaml declaration of the WebView:

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WinRt DateTimeValueConverter Demo

I recently implemented a simple ValueConverter for a WinRt application I’m working on. The class and the usage examples: Usage:

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Windows 8 Rtm Sticky Bottom App Bar

I had an issue with the bottom app bar from the new WinRt framework for Windows 8 Rt apps. The request: the user should see an bottom app bar when at least one item is selected from a ListView. This

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