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WPF DataGrid DataGridTextBoxColumn Strikethrough styling

An example on how to strikeout text inside a DataGRidTextBoxColumn only based on xaml code using one binding. The elementstyle is set and set to target the TextBlock (will be present when the application runs), I binded the DataTrigger on

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How to implement DataGridComboBoxColumn

For every one with this question I will redirect you to this post . Saved me again a lot of time.

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WinRt DateTimeValueConverter Demo

I recently implemented a simple ValueConverter for a WinRt application I’m working on. The class and the usage examples: Usage:

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Windows 8 Rtm Sticky Bottom App Bar

I had an issue with the bottom app bar from the new WinRt framework for Windows 8 Rt apps. The request: the user should see an bottom app bar when at least one item is selected from a ListView. This

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Adding a Rule to an NLog Target by Code

Here is a method that I use to add a new rule to an existing NLog Target. This method will add a LogLevel equal to MinLevel but you could easely change this to any LogLevel. The code also expects that

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